Restaurant POS

IMPROVE SERVICE WITH ACCURACY, EFFICIENCY AND SPEED source Saves time and energy writing up orders and walking them to the kitchen. Calculates and prints customer checks with the press of a button. No mistakes with pre-programed menu items and prices. Adds up to more time to be attentive to your customers enjoyable dining experience SAVE BY REDUCING COSTLY MISTAKES click here No more kitchen errors with easy to read kitchen computer print outs or displays. Saves time and money when it means the most at those peak hours by reducing errors sending orders to the kitchen with our fast and easy to use touch screen POS system. CALCULATE WITH ACCURACY Know your daily lunch sales, diner sales, best sellers or bar sales instantly. No math, no hassle. Close the days’ receipts and print server and closing reports fast and simple.

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follow link REDUCE INSIDE THEFT Records of all orders going into and out of the bar and kitchen will be digitally recorded to POS system. Theft is reduced since kitchen and bar orders are made according to the printer receipt. All deleted, modified or cancelled orders will also be recorded to the system and can be reviewed at any time for accurate accounting of sales and income. Cash orders can’t be pulled or erased without a record of the event. Therefore helps work to deter theft.

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Since the restaurant POS software with a lot right now, INET SYSTEMS, we have selected best restaurant POS solutions with fully functions ,affordable and updated. No matter what you needed, we will find the right solutions for your business.